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We want also the National Catalogue for Spatial Data in the INSPIRE register!

A year and a half ago (precisely on February 11, 2014), based on the initiative of some Italian geomatics fans, a petition was launched to denounce the lack of presence of Italy in the INSPIRE register: italy4INSPIRE


This initiative, which has rapidly gathered more than 100 adhesions, not only by individuals but also by associations and communities of the geomatics sector, aimed to highlight the fact that it was enough just a grain of sand in the cumbersome and infernal bureaucratic machine (the failure to send an email by ghost responsible), to make yet another fool to our country in the international arena.

And the joke was that Italy had already fulfilled so far the sectoral legislation creating the “National Catalogue for Spatial Data” ( RNDT – Repertorio Nazionale dei Dati Territoriali) and therefore could even get us to the finish among the first in Europe. Among other things, the initiative was echoed in two parliamentary questions, submitted on 4 July and 12 November 2014 , remained unanswered.

What happened after so long?

That we took the usual “patch” Italian style, registering the only endpoint of the National Geoportal (which counts a few hundred metadata), continuing to ignore RNDT, despite European law allows each Member State to present more than one National access point.


Since the Decree 32/2010 (which transposed the INSPIRE Directive in Italy) refers explicitly to RNDT and that this, in consistency and continuity with the monitoring “envisaged by the Commission” 2014, signaled 6140 metadata and in 2015 more than 17940 metadata are reported, why it was not registered yet?

We wonder if someone with a name, a surname and a face, will never give an answer and, above all, will manage to achieve the goal of registering the RNDT endpoint in the INSPIRE register.


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