Cesare Gerbino, born in Turin, 14 July 1963.  Married with Mariagrazia


1977 – 1982: Technical High School Degree in Chemistry at the Industrial Technical Institute “Spagnesi” of Turin, Italy

1986 – 1991:  M.A. in Computer Science at the University of Turin, Italy. Final exam: 110/110 cum laude

Work esperience

1983 – 1985: At CLARES in Villastellone (TO), Italy: expert of  plastic automotive parts prototypes casting

1991 – now

At CSI-Piemonte (Consorzio per il Sistema Informativo della Regione Piemonte) in Turin, Italy.

After a first period in which I developed DB3/CLIPPER database applications, my job  focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

I started studying territorial analysis and modeling techniques using ArcInfo.

The following years, as a GIS Project Leader, I followed  several different projects, keeping personal contacts with the clients and – at the same time – taking active part in the
application development process.

In the last years, I have been in charge the design and development group of GIS platforms of CSI Piemonte as Chief Software Development Manager. This group, composed by  7 – 8 people, designs and developes spatial frameworks and solutions used to develop final solutions / applications for many Regione Piemonte’s Administrative Divisions like Territorial Planning, Environmental, Parks, Extractive Areas, Transports, Geological, ecc .. .

The past roles and the present ones involve both technical aspects for all those GIS activities concerned with the designing, developing, testing and maintenance of GIS frameworks and solutions, but also aspects more managerial inside the CSI Piemonte Technical Division like planning activities, manage roadmap evolutions, internal tutoring and dissemination,  human resource management, and the technical support for all the projects that using the GIS frameworks and solutions gives more efficient services to users at local, regional, inter-regional and international level.

About this blog

cesaregerbino.wordpress.com is written by Cesare Gerbino, not CSI Piemonte so the views expressed in this blog are mine and not necessarily those of my employer.

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